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Where to Get a Custom Suit Made in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, or Hoi An?

Vietnam has been one of the top countries on my “want to travel to” list for years. Whether it’s the food, the scenery, the rich traditions, or in this case, to have a custom suit (or three) made. In the spirit of proper research, I had three very different suits made in three different cities in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Hoi An. Vietnam has a long and storied...

Montana Spring Road Trip: Yellowstone Country

After living nomadically for almost two years I reached a point when it was time to find a home base, and the selection was based on what town made me feel most like I was already home every time I visited. Ultimately I selected Bozeman based on many factors: access to recreation, good food, good people, and an overall good vibe to the town. So as the Montana Spring...

#CalloftheWY: The Unexpected Wyoming Desert

After two weeks of finding my #CalloftheWY while working with the Wyoming Office of Tourism, I headed into my last and final week and to be honest, I didn’t even know what to expect at this point. This trip had already been a dream and for me and I was convinced that there was no way for it to get better. I was wrong. The first two weeks had me dancing in the Wind...

#CalloftheWY: Cody to Lander

A few weeks back I partnered up with the Wyoming Office of Tourism to do a tour around northcentral and northeast Wyoming . The trip was a such a success that they invited back south for a three-week excursion, and, quite frankly, a dream trip that I couldn’t imagine passing up. So I packed my bags and headed for my first stop–Cody, Wyoming.

One year later: what happens when you give it all up to chase a dream

One year ago today I cast aside fear, doubt, and the comforts of life and hit the road with no destination in mind. I gave up a good job, my apartment, and every ounce of a “normal” life because I had an itch. This itch to chase something, anything, and to live a little different than society tells me to live. The year to follow changed me, broke me, and made me who...

Hidden Side of Montana

This article was originally written for Wilderness Culture: The lure of Montana is undeniable. Dreams of mountain peaks and glacial lakes fill the heads of adventurers when someone even utters the word Montana. And how could it not? With the iconic mountains and lakes of Glacier National Park making up the northwest, and legendary skiing of Big Sky’s Lone Peak...

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