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Andy Austin

Weekend Guide to Kalispell, Montana

Kalispell has long been a gateway to Glacier National Park, but all too often visitors miss the gems that exist right in the heart of the Flathead Valley. From incredible food and breweries to hidden hikes just minutes from downtown, there is a lot to see and do. Discover Kalispell brought me out for a weekend to share with you all what an ideal weekend in and around...

Recreate Responsibly with Discover Kalispell

With record numbers of folks visiting our public lands this year, it’s as important as ever to recreate responsibly and take care of these lands so future generations can enjoy them as much as we do. Recently, Discover Kalispell invited Chelsea and me to spend the weekend in and around Kalispell. While the full lowdown on everything to see, do, eat, and drink in...

A Weekend in Casper, Wyoming + the Importance of Traveling Safely and Responsibly

Before diving right into all my recommendations for hikes and cold beer, it’s as important as ever to talk about the hows and whys of traveling safely and responsibly. Like many industries in the world right now, the tourism industry has been deeply affected by the global pandemic. That means everyone from our favorite mom and pop restaurants and stores, to hotels...

Montana’s Beaten Path

The Beaten Path is an iconic Montana trail that begins near Cooke City and winds up and over the Beartooth Mountains and drops into East Rosebud (near Red Lodge) 29 miles later. It’s a stunning example of Montana’s sheer beauty, mountain lakes, and high, granite cliff walls. Many people choose to do this hike in a day or even two, but us, we chose the leisure route...

Andy’s Guide to Dining in Billings, Montana

Growing up in Billings I took for granted that the dining scene in Billings was on par with the offerings of much larger cities, but in the last five years, the scene downtown has exploded and made for a very happy Andy. Now as a former division 1 offensive lineman I’m no stranger to food, and while I’m not trying to eat 10,000 calories a day anymore, I still love...

From the land of smiles to the kingdom of wonder

From the land of smiles to the kingdom of wonder

Have you been prospecting for months on end, only to end up with no one? Or have you been trying to sell a product or service that has not been selling? Or you just kind of depressed about your current employment? There are many reasons to get down and start to get depressed about your situation. When you are down, do you know how to get back up and heading in the...

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