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Andy Austin

Welcome to Andy and the Van!

#Vanlife, a trend that has swept the nation (and the world), involves giving up one’s prized possessions to live in a cramped van. It’s a simple life fueled by social media and often appears far more glamorous as it actually is. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! Freedom is the ultimate luxury in van life, it is the story of not knowing what or...

Hidden Side of Montana

This article was originally written for Wilderness Culture: The lure of Montana is undeniable. Dreams of mountain peaks and glacial lakes fill the heads of adventurers when someone even utters the word Montana. And how could it not? With the iconic mountains and lakes of Glacier National Park making up the northwest, and legendary skiing of Big Sky’s Lone Peak...

Want to take better photos? Put the camera down.

In today’s society we have the ability to share every aspect of our day whether it’s through twitter and sharing every thought or through our cell phone cameras to document everything. It’s the same thing with photographers, and I was as guilty of it as anybody. In the past year, I have seen dramatic increases in my photography ability and I attribute some of it to...

Photographing from the Shadows: Life as an athlete

Article is from 2013, and while a lot has changed since then it is important to celebrate my roots as an artist. The last five years of my life have been the greatest of my life, because for the last five years I have been living the dream as  Montana State University football player. My name is Andy Austin, and I have been living a double life. NCAA rules do not...

Top Ten Photography Myths

Being a proffessional photographer I hear a lot of myths that end up holding photographers back. Many of these myths are nothing more than excuses, and by embracing these myths we can move on and continue to improve our craft!   1.dSLRs are only for professionals: In years past this may have been true, with dSLR prices being in the thousands and lenses prices...

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