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Montana Spring Tour: Southwest Montana

As the road trip heads west the terrain becomes even more dramatic and mountainous. But my draw to Southwest Montana goes much deeper than just the beauty, but it comes from the history that lies in the region. As I spent four days of the Montana Spring Road Trip in this region it was amazing to see history come alive from the old territorial capital of Virginia City...

Montana Spring Road Trip: Yellowstone Country

After living nomadically for almost two years I reached a point when it was time to find a home base, and the selection was based on what town made me feel most like I was already home every time I visited. Ultimately I selected Bozeman based on many factors: access to recreation, good food, good people, and an overall good vibe to the town. So as the Montana Spring...

Montana Spring Road Trip: Southeast Montana

Three and a half years ago I was a budding photographer but still didn’t have the skills or knowledge to chase my dreams of telling the stories of the road. And then an opportunity came up to work an office job back in my hometown of Billings, Montana. The job was to be the Social Media/PR Manager for Visit Billings and Visit Southeast Montana. I hesitated to take it...

Montana Spring Road Trip: Life on the Plains

Thick storm clouds rolled over Fort Peck Reservoir as my friend, Nathan Satran, and I discussed life in the wee hours of the morning, coffee in hand. As we stood where Lewis and Clark once did and surveyed the vast landscape, we realized just how remote we truly were. This sort of solitude isn’t abnormal for me, but it’s usually found deep in the backcountry...

Backpacking the Beaten Path

Late last summer, while most of Montana was on fire and views were nonexistent, I had an idea to escape it all without having to leave my home state. I called up my friend, Carrie, who lives in Tucson to see if she’d be interested in hiking the Beaten Path the 26 miles up and over the Beartooth Mountains. By the next day, she booked her flight and the date was set to...

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