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Recreate Responsibly with Discover Kalispell

With record numbers of folks visiting our public lands this year, it’s as important as ever to recreate responsibly and take care of these lands so future generations can enjoy them as much as we do. Recently, Discover Kalispell invited Chelsea and me to spend the weekend in and around Kalispell. While the full lowdown on everything to see, do, eat, and drink in...

Montana’s Beaten Path

The Beaten Path is an iconic Montana trail that begins near Cooke City and winds up and over the Beartooth Mountains and drops into East Rosebud (near Red Lodge) 29 miles later. It’s a stunning example of Montana’s sheer beauty, mountain lakes, and high, granite cliff walls. Many people choose to do this hike in a day or even two, but us, we chose the leisure route...

Montana Spring Road Trip: Southeast Montana

Three and a half years ago I was a budding photographer but still didn’t have the skills or knowledge to chase my dreams of telling the stories of the road. And then an opportunity came up to work an office job back in my hometown of Billings, Montana. The job was to be the Social Media/PR Manager for Visit Billings and Visit Southeast Montana. I hesitated to take it...

Backpacking the Beaten Path

Late last summer, while most of Montana was on fire and views were nonexistent, I had an idea to escape it all without having to leave my home state. I called up my friend, Carrie, who lives in Tucson to see if she’d be interested in hiking the Beaten Path the 26 miles up and over the Beartooth Mountains. By the next day, she booked her flight and the date was set to...

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